Lombardy House, San Marino

Lombardy House

The Lombardy Home is a high-end custom designed house located in San Marino, California and is a single family residence that stands two-stories tall.

Location:  San Marino, CA
Type:  Residential
Program:  Master bed, kitchen, dining, living room.
Status:  Complete
Year:  2015
Size:  6,740 sf
Photography:  June
Lombardy house, San Marino

The home is a luxe mansion fashioned with beautifully positioned Ionian pillars and a suspended archway that welcomes the residents to an extravagant modern interior.

Lombardy House, San Marino

The lush greenery of San Marino surrounds the home and greets you with a façade of symmetrical windows and clean white paint housed under a contrasting dark gray roof. With relation to space, the home provides an exterior that is in the style of a Modern French style mansion with an entryway car-roundabout that surrounds a fountain surrounding a statue installation.

Lombardy house, San Marino

The home’s backyard offers a pool and balcony that overlooks a grand yard for utmost relaxation, organizing the home for privacy in the most fantastic presence. Perfect for hosting small get-togethers with families, friends, or spending a romantic evening with a loved one.