Grand Suite Shinjuku, Japan

Grand Suite Shinjuku

Formerly known as Yoyogi, the Shinjuku Condominium reflects the strong industrial character of the area, which bears many similarities to the SoHo and Tribeca neighborhoods of New York City.

Location:  Shinjuku, Japan
Type:  Residential, Condominium
Program:  134 units
Status:  Complete
Year:  2006
Size:  12 floors
Photography:  June
Grand suite Shinjuku

This character is reflected in basic, durable building materials such as stone, brick and cast iron, with strong vertical structural expression. Abundant natural light floods interior spaces, and the interior design overall reflects a “swanky, soulful” mood, with eclectic furnishings that soften the industrial feel of the structure itself.

Grand suite Shinjuku
Grand suite Shinjuku

Residents sense an immediate transition from urban streetscape to domestic haven as soon as they enter into the building’s comfortable environment. The interior design vocabulary is one of artistic, understated luxury with a sophisticated and modern edge.

Grand suite Shinjuku