Crystal Cove House


The Crystal Cove home is a 9,000 square foot mansion located at the very top of the residential portion of Crystal Cove’s State Park, overlooking a prized portion of Newport’s coastline and the surrounding canyon.

Location:  Newport Beach, CA
Type:  Residential
Program:  Master bed, kitchen, dining, living room.
Status:  In Progress
Year:  Starting 2019
Size:  8,300 sf
Photography:  Gong K

The exterior is comprised of Spanish and Mediterranean styles that coincide in a cozy neighborhood surrounded by lush coastal greenery.

Off white stucco featuring light brown roofing and details of gray stone, the home is an elevated version of traditional styles that provide a luxe vibe upon entry.

Arch-shaped front doors and the precast.

Crystal Cove House

Traditional intricacies such as wrought iron, precast trim, and baluster details surround the exterior while the primary entrance features a large vaulted-arch doorway installed with limestone cladding creating the atmosphere of open-space.

The swimming pool that surrounds the living room in the backyard.

Covered terrace at the guest suite

The mansion’s interior provides natural lighting and cross ventilation amongst every room to provide an ocean breeze- emphasizing environmental sustainability, a JH2 staple. Steel clad window frames to contrast the white stucco, paired with off-white beige stone precast for detailing allows the home to be easy on the eyes while emphasizing the image of luxury and space.

The interior of the home features a modern classic design allowing for a stylish yet cozy atmosphere. Comprised of modern marble flooring and complimented with all-oak finished cabinetry, the home is at the height of organic luxury when it comes to hosting large gatherings or keeping things intimate within the homespace